Covid 19 has forever changed the way we experience the world. Many people have been social distancing for over a year now and many people are excited for some normalcy by receiving the Covid 19 vaccine.

Demand for the vaccine is high and there is a limited supply, so it can sometimes be difficult to secure an appointment. With the added challenge that there is no universal site to book an appointment, many people are left frustrated and disheartened while they search location after location trying to book a slot.

Another issue people run into is that with each location they have to fill out information and if they don't fill out the information fast enough then they can possibly lose their spot.

Pain Point 1: Having to call or visit many different locations to schedule a Covid 19 vaccine.

Solution: Create a universal platform where users can connect to all available vaccine providers and appointments all in one spot.

Pain Point 2: Losing an appointment when the user cant fill out the information fast enough.

Solution 2: Let user create a profile so that they are able to determine eligibility and have information needed by vaccine sites at the ready so that when it is their turn, scheduling an appointment would be just a few clicks away.

What it does

Covid 19 Vaccination Finder creates a easy and streamlined experience for a user to determine their eligibility and schedule an appointment all in one place! It shows the user all available appointments and providers in their area so they don't have to go searching like they have to do now.

How we built it

The IA was created in Miro and the mockups were created in XD. The architecture of our work including three main sections (Google Firebase, Python, and HTML). We setup a Google realtime database to store information of users, providers and admin. We use Python to query data from Firebase and send it to the HTML to build an interactive webpage.

Challenges we ran into

The time constraint of the hackathon, having to balance between working on the project, and attending workshops was a challenge. Besides that, the uploading of files and interaction between every file in the folder needed a lot of clean-up. Another thing would be that some files run on one computer, but not on another teammate's computer.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of working on a project that could have a direct impact on so many people. It is something that is currently impacting our lives and this a a way we can give back by trying to create some solutions to some of the complications that Covid 19 has created.

What we learned

Before this we had all worked on apps and we are happy with what we were able to create. We learned how to build a website using languages that we weren't familiar with. We also tackled databases for the first time.

What's next for COVID-19 Vaccination Finder

We would like to create the mockups for the Admin and the Vaccine providers next as well as making the quality of both the mockups and the website user interface better.

We would also like to add other features in later iterations like a way to keep a record of vaccinations, because lets be honest, many of us are going to lose the card they gave us and it would be nice to have a record of what vaccines we had and when.

Also making the GPS and Push Notifications function, since we only mocked it up and didn't get to make it function with the time constraints. This would help users get notified if a provider has extra vaccines, or any other emergency notifications providers choose to push. GPS would allow users to also get these notifications when they are not home or schedule appointments using their location as the address.

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