I was inspired by information that we may wait long for the vaccine and that doctors test multiple approaches to treatment (usage of the drugs for ebola, drugs for malaria etc) and communicate via scientific articles (which may be too slow). After I wrote to WHO and submitted my idea in The Global Hack ideation, I learned that the Polish government is going to create a similar registry

What it does

It's an application to measure the efficiency of COVID-19 treatment methods, connected to a global database The base contains anonymous data about patients (data like: birth date, sex, nationality, existing conditions, G6PD deficiency and other pieces of information that affect the choice of the treatment) linked to information about a treatment applied to each case. The app should create statistics to measure the efficiency of each therapy.

How I built it

I would not build it, (let us not reinvent the wheel). I would use some other free and open-source model such as the one already existing at which is part of my inspiration.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for COVID-19 Treatment Monitoring

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You are welcome to share your insights. My idea of the basic entities is the following:

class Patient {

  • Sex sex;
  • Date birthDate;
  • Nationality nationality;
  • Vector preExistingConditions;
  • Treatment treatment; /// etc }

class Treatment {

  • String name;
  • DrugDose mainDrugDose;
  • Vector additions;
  • CareType careType; //etc }


class Drug {

  • String name;
  • String description;
  • Illness mainUse; //etc }

class DrugDose {

  • Drug drug;
  • Period period;
  • Amount amount; //etc }

class Case {

  • Patient patient;
  • Date diagnoseDate;
  • Date mostPossibleInfectionDate;
  • PatientCondition initialCondition;
  • Treatment treatment; //etc }

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