What inspired us to create this project was this hackathon’s theme of adventure. Today it is difficult to go anywhere because of the pandemic. Our application gives the user information about covid-19 in the countries they search for and if it is safe to travel there.

The big challenge was finding a programming language that all of us knew but eventually we settled on Python. We used Python and its PyQt toolkit to design the GUI. We used a covid-19 API as well as a Google Maps API to get our data.

From this project, we learned a lot about APIs and how to create user interfaces. Some of us had to learn Python on the fly and had our first experience with Python GUI tools within this hackathon. A lot of technical difficulties showed up, such as not being able to display an image retrieved from Web API in a Python GUI, but we were able to fix them. We hope that our application impresses people and becomes an example of what can be done by all first time hackathon participants.

For now, our app only provides the information for the current date. So, our next plan is to enhance our project to retrieve history data for each country, and use a linechart/barplot to display the trend of the pandemic.

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