After doing some research about the data analysis of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic I found out that there were not many reliable sources which provided real time analysis and visualization of the trend of the pandemic. So I decided to create an interactive web app for easy and better understanding of the pandemic with the help of available data.

What it does web app is built to track and analyze the Coronavirus global pandemic. It displays live stats of Covid-19 cases from all over the globe. It provides detail stats for my home country India. Different visualization techniques are used for easier understanding and studying the trend of the pandemic.

How I built it

For this project I used the data visualization libraries of Python like Plotly. The project is built using the Django framework. The data I used is sourced from different APIs available online

Challenges I ran into

Acquiring correct data and cleaning the available data to be used in my project. Integrating the charts and maps on a simple webpage so it can be easy to access for everyone.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Plotting the data in a way that is easy to understand for everyone and not just by few data analysts. This was my first time deploying a project on hosting platform so I ran into many errors which required hours of troubleshooting.

What I learned

This project taught me many new things I never knew before like Exploratory Data Analysis, working with APIs, new functionalities of the Django framework and many more. I also learned that studying the pandemic using the available data can really help us to fight back and flatten the curve.

What's next for Covid-19 Tracking and Data Visualization

I'll keep updating the web-app with new analytical data for easier understanding. I'm also planning to show information on the vaccine development and how following the social distancing on individual level can affect the whole society.

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