The problem My Project Name is "Tracker -COVID19". solves

My "COVID19-TRACKER" is a simple, effective and friendly mobile application where any individual can get up-to-date information about COVID19 cases ,not only for India but also for every country in the world. This is user-friendly app because for accessing information, people do not have to go through any authentication process. You can search for any country's corona update. You can get information about confirmed cases, active cases, recovered people and total deaths in number. It automatically shows you the list of Top 5 most affected countries. People has usually a lot of questions about CORONA and they also get confused after knowing a lot of answers from different sites. But here you can get detailed answers of your doubts and FAQ's ,which are proven by WHO. In this pandaemic situation, there are many people who lost thier jobs and face a tough time. But this app also provides a solution for this. If any people want to donate money, cloths and necessary stuffs they can easily donate to WHO and can support them. There are lots of myths related to COVID and sometimes they are troublesome also. To get over them, this app provides a section which give you a complete knowledege of facts and myths related to it and you can share them also. There is also an option for changing theme color from dark to light on top right corner. Moreover , people can also take a look on basic precautions which must be taken to prevent the spread of corona virus. Apart from this, many people also ask how to spend their time and make their living productive in this tough time. But in this app there is also a section which give you some ideas and suggestions on how to make your living productive. The UI of this app is very interactive.

Challenges I ran into

During completing and building of my project, yes, I face many hurdles. First of all , I faced problems regarding how to connect two web pages, as I'm a budding android developer and I have lilttle bit of Idea about how to link them. But after buzzing up a lot by googling and reading documentations of Flutter, I finally managed to overcome it. The second important problem is the scarcity of regular electrticity in my village, due to which it take much time for a minimal change to reload and to restart my application. Regarding any specific bug related problem , hopefully I haven't faced any. During API calling , some isssues arrived there also, but I fix them.

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