I wanted to build something related to the covid pandemic and based on my ability as a beginner and the limited time, it seemed that a COVID 19 Tracker was a hack I could easily conquer so that’s what I built.

💥What it does💥

The website uses an API to detect your location and displays the covid 19 stats for your country. You can also search for a country from a list, or by typing into the search bar, which will display the covid data of that country. The data displayed includes number of cases, recoveries and the death count per country. Aside of merely displaying the figures, my website also presents them in the form of a graph/chart, which you can interact with. You can hover over the graph to see covid cases by date, and you can also select/unselect any of the 3 types of data displayed in the graph.

⚙️How we built it⚙️

I used HTML and CSS and a lot of JavaScript, as well as a few *APIs * to build the website. This was my first time using APIs, so I got stuck, and I wasn’t very familiar with JS either, so it took me a lot of medium articles, YouTube videos and stack overflow to help me whenever I got stuck.

🏆Accomplishments that we're proud of🏆

  • Successfully building a useful project on it, despite working alone in the limited time.
  • Learning how to use APIs.

🚀What's next for🚀

More ways to visualize data and more covid related info that will truly be useful to people will be added by me in the near future.

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