COVID-19 is now a global pandemic and more than 10 lakhs of people over the world are infected in this disease. COVID which stands for Corona Virus Disease has been spreading its pseudomonas throughout the world, so we up here to provide a web application to keep the world updated with the present situation and reduce its spreading. The web application is described in four major genres as the home page delivers the user with the worldwide statistics in the form of an excel sheet, then we have the tabs for medication and measures and we also provided a GPS tracking system for updates purpose and lastly, we provide a helping hand tab which is explained in the latter part of the abstract

What it does

The first part of the web application is the statistics and data when a user logs in to the web application the user is provided with the worldwide data and statistics for the present condition of COVID-19. The entire statistical data is provided in the form of an auto-updated excel sheet. the excel sheet is having several columns for providing the data of the number of people infected, new cases, deaths and the number of people recovered on the basis of each country. The preliminary data set for the statics of various countries are already provided and we have used the "RTS" algorithm for the auto-update mechanism which will not only provide the data of the present situation but also predicts the upcoming situation too. Secondly whenever the users try to log in a dialogue box appears to grant access to the user's present location. When the user allows the location access to the web application then the built-in COVID-19 tracker helps the user by providing a satellite image of the present location of the user with the information regarding the number of people infected in that particular area. Still now as there is no medication available for COVID-19, therefore, prevention and precaution towards COVID-19 is the best solution. So in order to create a better prevention hype amongst the population, we have provided a notification alert system in the web application which gets automatically enabled whenever the user is logged in to the web application this sends a notification to the user on an interval of 20 minutes sending a message for maintaining social distancing, washing their hands with handwash and drink sufficient water. Now coming to the “helping hand” which is an innovative approach from our side to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It is an emergency tab within the web application which is directly linked with the GPS system of the web application. The tab provides a toll-free number of the responsible organization of the traces locality of the user in case of any kind of emergency. We used a part of machine learning in the web application where the application asks the user some questions regarding some symptoms of COVID-19 and if the user is found affected by the answers of the questions then automatically an emergency message will be sent to the toll-free number with the traced location to the responsible organization to take necessary actions immediately. We provided a special genre on our website called the “Risk Scan” which helps to scan the user’s health. We have added a new feature named Patient Corner in our helping hand tab where we kept in mind the importance of social distancing and lock-down to help people who are affected with some diseases other than COVID-19, but due to effect of COVID-19 they are unable to get their regular doctor checkup and medicines. Here, we have introduce a google form where people can fill the google form with the necessary credentials and get the necessary medicines and drugs as per required. This is a totally AI-based automatic scanning system which is going to scan the user’s health asking a few questions related to COVID-19 and finds out if the user needs to take step towards prevention of COVID-19. Along with this we also provided a push notification system that pushes a notification regarding the preventive steps for COVID-19 to the user in an interval of 15 minutes. A chatbot is also provided within the web application which is free to all and available 24*7. Here user can clear out their doubts and the chatbot is also available in regional languages in case of users from India. Video calling facilities are also available where users with any kind of ambiguity can feel free to consult with the doctors from the relevant hospitals traceable from the present location of the user. We also provided a unique location tracking system for prevention purpose which sets a perimeter of a particular area and in case of any kind of invasion to the particular area from another already pinned location then the pinned user’s name will automatically get saved to the database maintained by us and the names will be sent to the higher authority for taking respective steps.

How we built it

The Web Application is built with python, php, html,mysql, javascript, CSS and artificial intelligence

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge to create a dynamic daily update on the COVID-19 cases

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