We were inspired by the many coronavirus cases in the area. There is not much proper information going around and many people are getting scared. With this knowledge, we decided to make a calculator that finds out the likeliness of Covid-19 cases in the area based off of the population, cleanliness, and disease rate. After it finds all this out, it returns the information back in a clean, json format.

It took hours of hard work to figure out how to pull the data from the who and John Hopkins and figure out how to use them together to properly calculate the likelihood of cases. Once we learned how to do that, the rest of the code was not as challenging and went smoothly.

Our program had many errors with accurately spotting locations based on CDC and WHO data. When we first made the project, we covered a large area which was not specific enough to pinpoint an area. When we made the area too small, we ran into inaccuracies, so we had to spend long hours testing our code to make sure we can get the right size based on the amount of cases and still have it be accurate.

Our tracker will be able to assist with re-opening and the limitations that should be imposed with it. People can use our tracker to assess their choices of going to a certain area. This can effectively lower the amount of cases and use public contribution and data to keep people safe and divide up the population to areas with lower or no cases.

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