The Covid-19 Tracker App (Community Angel) is a new initiative that will allow the general public to help stop the spread of Coronavirus and other similar pathogens. Through crowd sourcing of information and utilising the general public at a time where there is a greater sense of altruism in society. Resources can be better provisioned, and we can understand how to contain the spread of virus regionally, rather than nationally.

This is acheived by users sharing their location data simply via the postcode of their home address and continuous “Self Monitoring’ of their symptoms over a period of time. The Covid-19 Tracker App, will allow the creation of a heatmap of localized hotspots. This information can then be shared with local governments in real time, to help predict demand on health and other vital services and make informed decisions about regional measures to help containment and mitigation of Epidemic type illnesses. Once perfected this type of technology can be replicated in any society for a number of illnesses, pathogens, and even seasonally for influenza outbreaks.

The design is AAA rated for legibility and ease of use across a range of age groups and languages.


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