I was inspired to create this dashboard because of the amount of disinformation present at all levels of society about this pandemic. I think that it is important that we understand how this pandemic has affected the world so that we can learn in the future. Gapminder is a great example of something similar, but we wish to extend the concept to coronavirus.

What it does

It is a visualisation dashboard that tells different stories about the pandemic. From how each country has responded to which organisations have been benevolent (or not so benevolent) to stories of inspirational individuals that have provided great support and innovation.

How I built it

I am currenlty building the site using:

  • html
  • css
  • javascript
  • d3.js -leaflet.js
  • + the likely possibility of other libraries

What's next for Covid-19: The Story

I want this visualisation dashboard to help governments, experts and the general population better understand how covid-19 has affected the world. It is important that we document how the world responded, in great detail, so that we can learn from past mistakes and move forward.

To start with we plan to create a visualisation of the world with clearly sourced data that displays case numbers in each country along with their response strategy.

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