COVID-19 Speedrun Leaderboards

Each week here at Vanderbilt, every undergraduate student has a to take a COVID-19 test where we will a tube with spit. Because of the size of the undergraduate body, completing these tests quickly is a major priority. Enter the COVID-19 Test Speedrun Leaderboards.

This web app allows students to scan a QR code as they are leaving the testing facility, then enter the time it took to complete their test. They are then given the option to verify their time by uploading a video. All of the results are then ranked in a massive leaderboard that reveals who is the speediest spitter of them all.

There were a couple of major challenges with this project, however, the most obvious one was how to ensure honesty. In order to address this, I implemented a variety of data validation techniques in order to prevent any wildly inaccurate data from ever entering the system. I also came up with the validation system, which is a separate leaderboard for times that have been proved by video, and is where the true competition can take place.

Another big challenge was how to prevent attempts at going fast from resulting in inappropriate behavior from those competing. I decided that the best way to do this was to include warnings at the beginning, as well as to inform participants that any test completed incorrectly will be disqualified. The verification system helps with this as well, as the video ensures that no inappropriate behavior takes place over the course of the test.

Ultimately, I think this solution provides a fun and simple twist on COVID-19 testing on Vanderbilt's campus. It turns it into a fun game for students, and even has the chance to increase efficiency a bit. I'm excited to see how it does in the real world, and discover just how fast we can go.

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