The number of total cases of COVID-19 pandemic has been increasing tremendously, but there is no mature epidemic tracking app so far, which can both protect user’s data privacy and work efficiently. In order to prevent the virus from spreading too fast, we want to take action like how to get people’s awareness of properly protecting themselves, checking their daily health conditions, in order to flatten the curve, without any concern about the data leakage.

What it does

COVID-19 Terminator aims at providing immediate support for the users, including self-checking symptoms, spotting highly contaminated regions, designing the safest route from home to the grocery stores/workplaces, checking the availability of goods and wait time of the grocery stores, offering educational information and recommendations about how to take the proper prevention methods, and building a platform to connect users lack of PPE and essential goods with organizations who can donate during the coronavirus outbreak.

How we built it

  1. Learn about the Value of this App a) “We answer all your concerns on COVID-19.” b) “We help you find the safest zone.” c) “We help you connect with people in your community.”
  2. Sign up a) Username: email address/phone number b) Password c) Optional: home address, emergency contact d) Terms and conditions
  3. Check Symptoms a) Why is self-checking important? - List out the reasons - List out 2 options of self-check: chatbot/checklist b) Self-check questionnaire c) Final score and suggestions d) Chatbot - connect to physicians
  4. Share Travel History - Connect to Google Maps/Apple Maps a) Screen whether a person is at high risk or low risk based on the places he/she has been to in the past 14 days. b) Locations with high risk will also be spotted on the maps.
  5. Check Locations & Design Routes - Connect to Google Maps/Apple Maps a) Type the store you want to go to b) The heat map will show you the areas with high/low risk c) Estimate the wait time and check the availability of certain goods in the store
  6. Useful Information & Recommendations a) Proper use of PPE b) DIY mask/goggles tutorial c) An online community to share the resources (like PPE, essentials, etc.) – using the algorithm to match users in need and organization who can provide You can check our application of AI here: In the 2nd phase, we are going to use Python Django, Java Springboot to build our application.

Challenge we ran into

So far, the main challenges are to collect APIs and datasets from grocery stores and convert mind maps into wireframes.

Accomplishment that we are proud of

One of the first multifunctional epidemic tracking app. We have a better understanding of our customers’ pain points and a clear customer journey board and user story. In the 1st phase, we mainly focused on defining the problem and laying out the strategy of how to solve it.

What we learned

By building this app, we learned what the most urgent needs of the people are during the pandemic outbreak and realized the importance of data privacy. By doing the research, we also learned what other countries are taking actions to track the pandemic and control the coronavirus spread, i.e. China’s health code.

What's next for Corona Terminator

In the 2nd phase, we are going to focus on the architecture of our app, building the heatmap of affected regions, chatbot, and blockchain/AI method to protect user’s personal data.

Built With

  • java-springboot
  • python-django
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