We were inspired to help make change in our society as we are currently facing a world-wide pandemic. Additionally, we realized that doctors are availability during these unprecedented times, and would like to provide a platform for the majority of people to receive automatic feedback and recommended medications.

What it does/How we built it

Our team has developed an app that facilitates a makeshift interaction infrastructure that would assist patients to interact with the internet and doctors to receive more info on treatments for covid related symptoms. In terms of the development process, We integrated a user interface component with a complex backend design. In terms of Back end we used Java Objects such as HashMaps and ArrayLists to store data to imitate an online database. In terms of user Interface, we integrated aspects such as buttons and text boxes, from Android Studios, for Patients to enter their name and age and also check which symptoms they had. For the doctor feature, we allowed doctors to view the treatments to respective symptoms and also input their knowledge if desired. The HashMap and ArrayList aspect of this program would store the different treatments for treatments.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into some technical challenges as we encountered difficulties using spinners in Android Studio. Additionally, we ran into some problems with the user interface.

What I learned

We learned the fundamentals of Android Studio as well as integration of the Java programming language with this environment.

What's next for Covid-19 Symptoms Logger

In the future, we would like to incorporate additional features such as a direct chatting service between doctors and patients as well as include more factors other than symptoms (i.e. oxygen and blood levels).

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