Inspiration- Providing people with information that will help them stay safe by giving them necessary information regarding COVID-19 precautions being taken at different places.

What it does- Users are able to enter a location and find out if their selected location is following COVID-19 precautions and guidelines. Users are also able to create an account and help give data on different locations to increase the accuracy of the results.

How I built it- Using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Figma

Challenges I ran into- Finding existing data sets and trying to code both front-end and back-end in time with only one team member who was equipped with good coding skills. Also had some difficulty in figuring out how to use and incorporate an API key with the limited time given, one team member had a large time zone difference

Accomplishments that I'm proud of- Teamwork, Communication, the amount we were able to accomplish despite our shortcomings

What I learned- Using Figma, learned and gained a broader knowledge of coding

What's next for COVID-19 Stay Safe Data Map- Idea is to expand to include many geographical regions as possible and different establishments like restaurants, cafes, salons etc

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