We saw a few COVID-19 simulators online, but they were all basic, and didn't allow the user to see too many different scenarios. We added the use of masks in this simulation, as well as let the user customize more things.

What it does

The user selects from 6 scenarios. Each of them has a different number of people social distancing and wearing masks, and allows the user to see the impact of these things.

How we built it

We used a language called Lua and ran the program on LOVE2d.

Challenges we ran into

Collision detection took a long time to do because of the size of the "people." Because of this, we had to check each side individually, rather than the entire square. Also, we weren't able to add as many simulations as we were hoping for, but we still got 6 that can well demonstrate the effectiveness of masks and social distancing.

Plans for the future

If we had more time, we would have liked to add a way to allow the user more control over the project. This means that they might have been given the ability to change the effectiveness of masks, the rate of recovery, or the number of people.

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