We wanted to show people who are moaning about the government, that it is really difficult to manage such situations. Also we hope that the potential user of the game learns more about how such diseases interact with humankind. Furthermore we did not know how to program an app until this competition, so we took this opportunity. Since we had to program this app in 72 hours, we could not make a real complex game, but hey it‘s our first app, which we had to create in our free time so we think it's not too bad.

What it does

Our Game simulates a country during a pandemic. (We used Covid-19 as the virus) The user has to regulate the countries actions in order to minimise the economical and collateral damage it takes until a vaccination is developed.

How I built it

We built it with Xamarin so we used xaml for the visual effects and c# for the logic behind it. The game is based on basic ISR model. (

Challenges I ran into

Since it was our first app, we had to overcome multiple issues. For example learning a new programming language, implementing a somewhat reliable ISR model, testing the app on multiple devices, creating a useable GUI, debugging, communication issues between the frontend and the backend, etc.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Well we created our first app and it actually works. :)

What I learned

We learned how to build a basic app, which we think is the most important part about our participation.

What's next for Covid-19 Simulation Game

We still have to improve the visualization and the game loop. We also want to add a tutorial and more features. If all goes well we might even publish it.

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