In countries where technologies are not fully organized and looked into, there's always a great chance for mistakes. For example, due to the fact that most of the symptoms identified by World Health Organization to be COVID-19 symptoms are likely to be Malaria symptoms and someone having most of this symptoms could be afraid that he/she has been infected by this virus, and this can cause them to go for isolation. Now, on the process of isolation, a Malaria patient could be infected by this virus due to most of the contaminated equipment used for the isolation.

What it does

This software will enable someone carry on a Self Test Diagnosis from there various homes.

How I built it

I built it using Web development tools and the logic behind the a analysis was handled using JavaScript.

Challenges I ran into

On trying analyze the result of the Self Diagnosis Test, faced challenges of analyzing the result base on the symptoms specified by a specific user.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Am proud of analyzing these results properly based on my idea.

What I learned

I learnt new things in JavaScript while working on this project.


To publish it World Wide.

Built With

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