I belong to a backward area "Chitral" of PAKISTAN,whether internet accessibility is a great issue ,and secondly and every person over here cannot afford to go to hospital each day to test whether he/she has been affected by the virus or not? thirdly due to lack of medical staff here in hospitals,the doctors cannot concentrate on those patients who are serious or having more chances to get affected,because of those patients who visits each day to hospital just because they have a doubt of being affected by the virus,that's why keeping in view all the problems above ,what i could do in such circumstances being a student of computer system engineer was to find a possible and easily accessible solution to all the problems mentioned above in a form of my app.

What it does

It provides a platform to all people around ,specially those who live in backward areas ,including our area "Chitral",to test themself at home through this app,and will get to know that whether they have been affected by the Virus or not?Or whether any need any medical treatment right now,or do they need to visit a doctor or not?on the basis of the symptoms of the patient,and this app will declare a patient whether he/she is going through a normal Flu,Phenomena or whether it is corona?

How I built it

I am working still on the app not completed yet,and will complete soon,as i am trying to make it more user friendly.

Challenges I ran into

Internet accessibility and load shedding are the primary issues i faced due to which couldn't complete the project on time and still working on it.Secondly i came to know lately about the dateline due to not having an internet access.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The circumstances through which the world is going through now a days,people are suffering through this virus,the number of death rate is increasing day by day ,so in such circumstances if my app could even save a life of a single person,or if could help someone who do not afford to go to hospital each day,so that would be the biggest success or achievement for me,for me the real achievement is to play a role in decreasing anyone's suffering.

What I learned

The best thing that i learned and i am learning during working on my app,is how to practically apply things which we have learned in our educational institutes,how can we play our role when our country needs our contribution?and how to work within limited time and with less resources?

What's next for Covid-19 self screening test at home without Internet access

After completing my project i would love to work more on my idea,i would add a chat of a patient with a medical specialist setting at their homes,and he/she would guide the patient according to his condition,and some other ideas are there board to work on.

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