-I wanted to know a better picture how much spread in my area -Korea uses rigorous contact tracing to prevent further spread and know who to test early before spreading.

What it does

-locate people near me who self diagnosed and show as different color dots. -helps other people know my infected status. -helps medical professionals or policy makers know if they should lockdown an area

How I built it

-build with gps location services for android -build with android, and java -servers with node.js

Challenges I ran into

incentivize people to self diagnose anonymously -> if you want to see the map I forced anonymous self diagnos.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Help people grasp a better picture of the pandemic around the world.

What I learned

We need to help medical professionals know where to move the ventalators, ppe and supplies.

What's next for Covid 19 self diagnose and tracker app

Crypto and coin incentive to invite friends and contacts to use the app. -social networking features and show resources like testing facilities on the map

Built With

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