Inspiration Our idea has been inspired by COVID-19’s robbing children of their extracurriculars, which is what keeps them busy and entertained. Victoria’s recent COVID-19 spike has influenced our choice of location for our start-up and businesses such as that of Classbento and Eventbrite have inspired our business model.

What it does Our not-for-profit organisation increases the quality of 4-12 year old childrens’ learning and entertainment, via our calendar tool enabling easy delivery and booking of live, virtual events and extracurriculars based in the South-eastern Melbourne community.

How we built it We used miro to map out our website functioning, before utilising Wix and Indesign to prototype our website. Canva was used to develop our logo. To create our pitch, capto recorded our website and calendar functionality. Dell voice recorder and an online audio joiner produced the audio script for our pitch, which was placed onto a video made by iMovie.

Challenges we ran into We often adapted to challenges on-hand, such as not knowing how to complete tasks (such as using Wix) and requiring more than one tool to create our calendar tool (due to Wix’s limited calendar features).

Accomplishments that we're proud of We’re proud to have completed our project with only 75% of our intended team. Additionally, we’re proud of how we’ve dealt with time pressure and worked cohesively as a team to actualise our start-up goals, which we believe would have a genuinely positive impact on children, their parents and the local community they’re a part of.

What we learned We’ve established a greater sense of teamwork, organisation and communication skills and learnt more about the pitching process than we’d previously known. We also - due to our pivot in start-up idea - that sometimes, simple ideas are better!

What's next for killers team We’re not sure yet, but We can develop indefinitely in our work and have other ideas that are much better and we strive to achieve them.

Built With

  • capto
  • indesign
  • wix
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