This website was developed based on what I have observed on the news that I read and watch daily. I see many people gathering, but not following the rules. I thought that one way these gatherings of people could be made safer would be through providing a website that could provide anyone with any information they would need to plan or attend an outdoor gathering. Fundamentally, the inspiration for creating this project was me seeing all of the people on the news attending gatherings and breaking the rules, and I wanted to try to remedy that problem by allowing people to access trusted resources to allow them to properly plan or attend an outdoor gathering.

What it does

This website provides four resources to help a person plan or attend a gathering, with the resources being US Government Info, CDC Info, California State Government Info, and some information about Amazon (to buy any needed materials for an outdoor gathering).

How I built it

I built this website by first setting up HTML and CSS files into a Brackets Editor project. Then, utilizing what I had seen from other websites, my HTML/CSS knowledge, and how I wanted my website to be, I coded my website. Once the website was designed, I looked for accurate sources/links to use and affixed them to my website. Finally, I added some finishing touches to make the website look professional.

Challenges I ran into

The primary challenge was making the website look professional, and that took time making it look neat. In addition, the Brackets Editor is an older editor, so it took some time for me to get the HTML and CSS files to work synchronously and make the website look good.

Accomplishments that I’m proud of

I am proud of designing a good-looking website and developing a website that helps others and utilizes my skills.

What I learnt

I learnt how much time it takes to design a professional website and how to set up my website to scroll, rather than linking my website to separate pages, which would have allowed me for me creativity and neatness-of-code, but would have taken more work and the website could take time to load in some cases if there were separate, linked, pages.

What's next for COVID-19 Resources for Outdoor Gatherings

The next thing for this project would be to improve on the design of the website, include more resources, put in more interactive features like a question and answer page for live interactions, and release the website to the public.

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