COVID-19 ResourceChatBot

Why did we choose to build this ChatBot?

It is important to stay informed, especially with the spread of misinformation in social media today. With a chatbot that can be connected to either discord, slack, or any other chat engine, it is easy to give the right information and redirect people to the right resources.

What it does

Our simple chatbot provides the user with either general information or any other resources, such as the CDC website, where to find testing locations and a self-assessment.

How we built it

We built this ChatBot using Java.

Challenges we ran into

We entered the hackathon closer to the deadline, so we were not able to implement all of our ideas into the ChatBot. However, we improvised and made something simple yet also informative. We learned a lot about how ChatBot trees work and how ChatBots, in general, are created.

What's next for COVID-19 Resource ChatBot

We will be continuing to work on this bot after this hackathon, as well! We want to create a bot that takes user input and learns from that input in order to respond with better answers. We also want to be able to create a self-assessment function. With everything done, we would like to be able to connect this bot to discord or other messaging apps so that we can provide accurate information to those who use it!

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