I saw that many people who are poor or belongs to middle class families are facing Food Scarcity due to this Covid-19 Pandemic because their income source is stopped due to the Lockdown. There are many pregnants women, children, old aged people who are facing the same situation and they cannot afford food for them because they are in short of money and they are helpless.

I saw that many organizations are helping these kinds of people by are taking live call in Television Channels to address people problems and helping as they require. Only one calls can be taken at a time on a live television. Also, there will be problem of network Busy and those organizations cant reach many people in this way. So I thought to develop and application so that people can report their problem and the organizations will get to know about the problem and help them as they need.

What it does

Basically my app minimizes and speeds up the process of addressing people Problem so that their problems can be fixed as soon as possible in this Pandemic. So when the app runs, user will enter their name and they need to choose whether they want to request for Food Help(Basic Need Relief) or Corona Check(this is additional feature added in app) When they choose the Food Help or Basic Need Relief then they will be asked with several questions such as total family member, no of pregnant women, kids, old aged, and remaining food stock, and also a option to send an attachment. Whereas, when people will choose the option for corona check then they will be asked with several questions like gender, what the symptoms seen on person so you are checking corona, has he came from abroad or not and so on.. . Now, When the user will submit this information then these data will be recorded in Microsoft Sharepoint where the admin or the organization can view the problems or people along with the GPS CORDINATES and Date that will be automatically sent while submitting the problem inside the app. Then from this information, the organization can directly go with the necessary relief to the needed families using the GPS Cordinates that is sent while submitting the app

How I built it

I built it using the Microsoft Power Platform

Challenges I ran into

I had learnt some Flutter. And I was trying to make this app using Flutter but my laptop got some ransomware and i lost my everything and I reformatted it again and installed flutter. I did made the forms but the conditional things, GPS Location and so on was very complex for me as I am beginner to Flutter. And learning everyconcepts from the beginning and developing the app would really be difficult and time consuming. Then I heard about Microsoft Power Apps, I already had and idea and I just needed to implement it properly so I started learning Microsoft PowerApps and I tried to bring my idea to life. Using PowerPlatform also I had some Difficulties in Conditional Forms for Corona Check and Basic Need Relif. But finally I figured it our after couple of research.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I dont know that the project I have made will be used by some organizations that are really doing these kinds of Relief Programmes but I think this app will really be helpful for them because if they can address many people problems in less time then they can provide reliefs to many people as possible and poor and needy people as well as middle class people who are deprived of food, pregnant womens, kids who are not getting nutritious food due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and lock down in the country will get relief and should not die out of hunger. Because we dontt know how long this Pandemic is going to take place.

What I learned

I was complete beginner to Microsoft Power Platform. But I had an idea that must be implemented to help people so I started learning by heart and got to know many things about the Microsoft Power Apps and I think it also increased my creative skills and logical thinking capacity.

What's next for Covid-19 Rescue

Currently this app can be run under the Microsoft PowerPlatform only but it needs to be platform-independent. So I am planning to make it platform independent very soon if I will get some good mentors to support my project.I have also planned many other features in this app that can be really beneficial and helpful for the people facing Covid-19 Pandemic. I think this kinds of apps must be developed to address poor people`s problem who can be helped by the person who can help them.

Problem sending app demo link

Since it is dependent on Microsoft PowerPlatform. I require your email to show you this app. It must be opened within Microsoft Power Platform so i couldnot send the link but i have sent image on how it looks when the app is running and demo video for working of the app.

Built With

  • powerplatform
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