As part of the billions that have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, we wanted to make this website and interactive map to create a positive impact on our own community!

What it does

While these resources are available online, we wanted to combine all of them onto a single page. Our website is made from scratch but our main spotlight if our interactive map because we believe that it provides all sorts of resources depending what a Houstonian would need.

How I built it

In order to make both of the website and the interactive map, we worked in teams and checked each other's work at the end. Two of us worked through Leaflet Libraries making the interactive map with the use of Javascript while the other 2 used HTML to make the website.

Challenges I ran into

We definitely all agree that our time constraint was a challenge, a lot of us had many ideas to input but because of time we focused on the most important aspects.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're all really proud of making a functional and user-friendly space! We think this would be an accurate page for people in the Houston area to refer too for COVID Resources.

What I learned

For us, it was definitely a large project so we really questioned whether we could finish everything on time. For me, it was having a refresher on HTML. For others, it was their first time even looking at a coded website. It was just an overall fun experience and a product that I didn't think we could have achieved in the time constraints.

What's next for COVID-19 Relief Website with Interactive Map

We hope that our COVID-19 Relief Website keeps growing! The team would have loved to see the map expand to the regional or state level for many other people. We would've loved to translate the website into other languages because we know how diverse Houston is and have provided more information for people who are undocumented. We would have also liked to put a search bar to make it easier to find places with everyone's zip code.

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