During this Global Crisis of COVID -19, Our Doctors, Nurses, Police, etc working on the frontline against this. So, why are we falling back? After all, we are engineers with an innovative mind. Now, we are here with the combined Hardware and Software solution, after analyzing some problems. And, try to make the next generation Healthcare Device for Protecting Vulnerable Population during and after this pandemic situation. Nowadays, COVID-19 patients are facing issues in finding beds in hospitals. They have to go to different hospitals and check if the bed is available or not. And even if the beds are available then they have to make sure that it is affordable. During the COVID-19, we are facing a lot of disasters like cyclones in Orissa, West Bengal, Maharashtra, etc. and floods too. Also, many people have lost their lives and many people are missing. Lots of parents have lost their children during these disasters.

What it does

There is a Hardware setup that consists of a self shoe sole sanitation device, health band, and hand-free basin. So, the pedestal comes near to our setup and stands over it through that way the shoe sole is sanitized by UV light (this way restricts the transmission of coronavirus through shoe sole). Then, there is a health for which users connected our app with the setup through bluetooth, which measures Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Saturation Level and Body Temperature, and get the whole data over the app. In last, there is the contact-free basin to wash their hands in public spaces ( everyone washes their hands without touching the tap, which means restricted the transmission of the Coronavirus through the surface and reduces wastage of water). We have made an app, to find the number of beds available in the hospitals in the city they live in. The app will show the number of available beds in different hospitals and will tell the price too. KHOJ will help to find a missing person. The guardian of the missing person will upload the details of that person, so the image will be added to the KHOJ database. If any person finds a person who was missing, he can also upload the picture of that person through KHOJ. KHOJ will try to find that person in the database, and if found it will notify the nearest police station from where the person is found and the guardian of the missing person.

How we built it

In the Hardware setup of this project, shoe sole sanitization device by using UV-C type and its choke, contact-free basin by mechanical parts like the pedal, spring, metal wire, cistern, etc and health band is done by Arduino Uno, Max30102 (for Heart Rate and Blood Saturation), Ds18b20 (for body temperature ) & Bluetooth HC-05. We build our app on Flutter which is a hybrid platform using dart language. Because Flutter apps can run on ios and android phones. Then, we used an API provided by for details related to COVID-19 like total cases, active, deaths, etc.and did some other stuff also with our skills.

Challenges we ran into

Due to lockdown, we don’t have NodeMCU (IoT device) to store data over the cloud. So, we try to figure out this with Arduino Uno and Bluetooth. First, we send data over the mobile app than over firebase to store.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

Working, health band with real-time data functioning backend servers for data management easy to use app which can present real-time data to the user over the app.

What we learned

Learned a lot about that without having an IoT device, how to store data over a server and also, about the new sensors. Moreover, it built a more functioning mobile app.

What’s next for the team

In terms of enhancing the project, we can identify the user’s state of mind using EEG or GSR reading & Machine Learning. Also, determine blood pressure through self-test kiosk. In terms of marketing the product, we would like to initially target public spaces in our region.

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