Project Story Greetings, our group is SST. Our group’s hack consists of an app.

The theme of our app is COVID-19. We were inspired to make an app about COVID-19 because people are starting to become more relaxed with precautions and rules due to the arrival of the vaccine. We wanted to make sure that even as vaccines are out, people still stay safe for themselves and for the people around them.

In this app, people can take a quiz and it will provide a result based on the input. This quiz will show whether they are following the guidelines that they should be following regardless if they got the vaccine. We also made a survey to collect data that can be used to help and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Shravya and Stephanie used reactnative to script out the app. Steph did the survey by using Html. Thy used Css to adjust the website presentation. We used Qoom to create the survey and React Native for the app itself.

Some challenges we ran into were the lack of knowledge when creating the apps. Some of us had knowledge on coding languages like python and java, but everyone was new to app development and languages like javascript, html, and css. This meant that when we encountered errors, we were not able to solve them efficiently. Each of our team members did different parts of the app, making it hard to collaborate.

However, we have tried our best. For many of our team members, it was our first coding hackathon. We are extremely proud that we all learned some app development skills. We believe that these skills will be important for our futures in computer science. We are also proud that we made a functional app that will bring social good to the world.

We learned many new languages: javascript, React Native, using coding platforms like VS code and Github. We also learned how to collaborate with team members.

We hope to learn more about app development and update our app with new features like a profile page, a donation page, and more.

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