COVID19 - Office Space was inspired by our desire to get back into the office, while recognizing that it must be done safely.

What it does

Employees can:

  • Request days in the office

  • View occupancy percentages for any office / office section.

Managers can:

  • Accept / deny office requests

  • Add new employees to the application

HSE Managers can:

  • Setup new buildings / sections and manage their rates in the office
  • Perform contact tracing on any given individual.

How we built it

The app was built over the 3 days from scratch, using only components provided within angular material (or custom ones). The app was built using auth0 for authentication and authorization, while also utilizing azure and vercel for hosting.

Challenges we ran into

Several small issues came up with the code, and both developers had some problems diving too deep into problems. Getting OData to run properly was a large issue, as well as adjusting to Entity Framework Core with its minute differences to EF6 on the API side.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • The app works!

  • CI/CD is setup and working through Azure Devops pipelines and vercel.

  • We were able to get contact tracing!

  • Most of the functionality made it in, and the app doesn't look too bad.

What we learned

  • The team really would have benefited from another developer, and next time we would look harder.

What's next for COVID-19 OfficeSpace

There are a few features missing that we had planned that I would like to add, and several methods could be cleaned up. I see this being a side project for a while, to get it to a good state and be able to pull examples from in the future. We had the back end partially set up to handle office and section closures, but ran out of time to get the front end added. We'd also like to have mobile add so people could answer important health questions before going into the office, and the health/safety team would be able review them to address any potential issues. We also would like to add a way for an office admin to keep track of people who haven't requested to go to the building, but still went to the office to help with contact tracing if/when needed.

Sponsor technologies used:

Auth0 - used for login, permissions, and roles Azure - used devops to plan project (three one day sprints, used feature time line, and kept track of tasks) used azure devops pipelines to deploy C# API use Azure SQL server for database Vercel - used to host front end website

Logins for live site

User: | Password: OSCovid19 User: | Password: OSCovid19 User: |Password: OSCovid19


Criagory and Tim work together in the software department for Universal Plant Services Marek is founder of Okto Digital and helps UPS and many other clients with amazing design work

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