What made us build this application is that, we often hear news about lockdown announcements and what people do first when they hear this is bombing the stores (panic buying) to have more essential items in hand. As a result, the spot becomes over crowded where there is a risk of virus spreading.

What it does

Our application is built to make users pre-book their slot for market they wish to go. Before that, the administrators / the shop owners could add the availability of their shops, maximum number of people per time slot and few related stuffs. On booking, the user would receive an QR code in the application which they have to show when they are visiting the shop on entry and exit. By this scanning, we get real time updates on how much people inside the shop currently, and many more insights in a form of dashboard.

How I built it

Tech stack includes Angular, React, HTML, CSS, Javascript, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, Firebase, Heroku, AWS.

Challenges I ran into

Dealing with conflicts was one of the challenge during development :p

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What feels proud is that, this is our very first hackathon and this project gave as a courage and will power to beleive in ourself that we can built something on our own. We managed to complete these whole modules in 4 days with a 4 - 6 member team.

What I learned

Managing multiple services, repositories, deployment, version control, project management. Improved our skills in what all technologies we have been using.

What's next for Covid-19 Marketplace

Feel free to check the current version in: First release the web app version, and later if it goes well, thinking of converting them to mobile app :)

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