When my friend, Rahul B. Gautam, searched for COVID-19 testing labs in US, he could only find an Excel sheet with approx. 5500 labs in U.S listed on it, its not user-friendly nor does it allow him to search on it properly. We want to create and provide platforms for users to easily access to these information.

What it does

  • The web application allows user to search by cities and states for labs available in the U.S.
  • Similarly, the android application provide mobile experience for users to search cities and states for labs available in the U.S. Moreover, it allows user to quickly find direction to that location.
  • Users can look at current cases (total, today, death, recovered, active) around the world.

How I built it

Our team built:

  • web application using python and flask framework and host it in heroku.
  • android application using android studio and kotlin. We also use Google map.

Challenges I ran into

Due to the policy for playstore and amazon store, the app aren't allowed in the store, and that's understandable. We decided to host apk directly in our app landing web page.

The data that we have only strictly for the U.S, we reached out to others for more data, but we don't get the response.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The team is very proud to provide this service to the public. Despite working full-time, we make use our skills to give back to the society. We now have mvp product available for both android app and web app.

What I learned

We learn how to code in web and android domain. We also learn to use Firebase and google map.

We also learned how to deploy our webapp to heroku.

What's next for COVID-19 Lab U.S.

We would like to add more features to the applications. Here are features we are thinking of:

  • Push notification
  • COVID-19 related/the latest news
  • COVID-19 how to protect yourself and your loved ones

We also want to get access more data from others so that we can provide access to not only users in the U.S, but also other countries.

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