I got this inspiration from one of the covid19 development statistics on the internet and tried to make it in the form of augmented reality on Instagram using spark ar

What it does

This ar will provide information related to the number of people who are confirmed, recovered and died of corona. I made 3 statistical forms, maps, bars and text charts

How I built it

I use Java island map and convert it to 3D using the blender application, then I put the 3D file into spark ar and give a lot of logic in the form of patches and javascript

Challenges I ran into

I have trouble adding a piece of content that can attract the user's attention, your input will be very meaningful for this project

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I can make this AR very perfect although it's a shame spark ar doesn't have the feature to retrieve data on the internet so that it can get data accurately and in real time

What I learned

a lot, ranging from the development of covid19, chart form, and much more

What's next for Covid-19 Java Island Interactive Chart

I will make a distribution map that is much broader, the next target is to make a map of Indonesia and divided into provincial units

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