Due to CoVID-19, in mid-July the state of Florida had many counties where ICU beds were at full capacity. The Covid-19 impacts us all, and we want our application to help save lives by helping hospitals to allocate beds most efficiently. 

What it does

When one or more hospitals reach overcapacity, our application will predict the demand at other available hospitals and determine the most efficient hospital to send patients to. 

How we built it

We use angular9 as our front-end technology to visualize our data and options for the user to choose from. We use bigquery and SQL on google cloud for storage purposes. We use the cloud function to make a connection with sql server on google cloud to establish API calls. We also deploy an ARIMA model with flask to predict future COVID-19 cases.

Challenges I ran into

Google Cloud Platform(Cloud Function, Big Query, SQL), integration

What's next for Covid-19 Hospital Bed Alert

Better integration, upgrade cloud function, deploy online
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