During this time, we realized that even though there are so many resources online, the millions of options to choose from for useful information can get overwhelming super quickly. That's when we realized we wanted to make life, which is already very challenging for most people, a lot simpler by providing them with a central tool that will lead them to useful and reliable resources quickly and easily. We thought that this was especially important to have for people searching for help within self-care, food, news, jobs, and education

What it does

Our website allows people to find useful resources quickly and go straight to doing what they need to do without the stress of looking through all the options that pop up after one Google search. We have included five sections of information: Self-Care, Get Food, News, Job Support, and Education. Each page features a list of sources that are visible as icons until the user hovers over them to find more information about the resource. The user then has the option to click on the resource and get directed right to the site. In addition to the resource lists, we included a data visualization of confirmed COVID-19 cases by county (data from USA Facts) in the 'News' section and a spreadsheet of job listings in the 'Job Support' section.

How we built it

We built our website using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. We used Glitch to run our code. For the data visualization, we gathered the data from USAFacts and used Domo to make the visualization of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the United States by county. For the spreadsheet of job listings, we used UIPath Studio X's Data Extraction tool and created an automated tool that collected the title, description, and URL of the listing of job websites, so that we could create a spreadsheet that had job listings from different pages/websites all on one page.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into some challenged with the CSS format, but we were able to overcome them by referring to online resources and playing around with our code to see which parts were conflicting with others. Another challenge was that UI Path only saves to an Excel sheet and we do not have Excel, but we were able to remedy that by copy and pasting the preview of the data extraction onto an AirTable, which in the end made it easy to embed the data into our website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the fact that we made a website with multiple pages and ways that the user can interact with, not just a static webpage. This is our second-week coding and we were really happy with how the layout turned out. To be honest, we were a little bit intimidated by the thought of using UI Path and automation, but we were able to actually use the product! Something else that intimidated us was the thought of creating a data visualization because they look so complex, but we were really happy with our data visualization of confirmed COVID-19 cases by county.

What we learned

We learned a lot more about using CSS to style web pages. We also learned how to use UI Path to automate data extraction from web pages. This was a super cool experience because initially, we did not know that UI Path could do something like that, and we were going to manually compile everything onto a spreadsheet. We saved so much time and we would definitely use UIPath again for that purpose. We also want to explore what other ways we can utilize automation to save us time. Lastly, we learned how to create data visualizations. It was amazing as well since the data from USAFacts is a massive repository and we were able to make a detailed and informative visualization of the whole country!

What's next for COVID-19 Help Space

We think that making everyone's life easier is always a plus, especially during this time, so we would love to keep adding more resources for everyone to use, as well as use our code to publish a real website. Also pivoting the site to host an online community where people could support each other during these challenges times would be something we are very interested in.

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