What is 'COVID-19 Frontliners'?

A blog, where the frontliners, and researchers themselves will be posting their insights, advises and updates on COVID-19. Who are these frontliners? These frontliners are our Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Pathologists, Hospital Support Attendant’s, and many other healthcare workers who are going to work each day and night. This is the go-to place for them to let others know what they are in need of; a dashboard for visualising all the information and trends, a live chat feature that lets you chat with a medical professional, among many other small features like newsletter updates and so on. Especially in developing countries like ours(Nepal), there is a huge lack of resources in medical sector, and also, the government seems to be helpless. Social media are crawling with fake news especially at these trying times. And, reaching out to news channels can take a lot of time and effort when it comes to asking for help. Even then, the news portals can be biased in their reporting. Here, the healthcare professionals themselves can share their insights.


The health officials of our area had expressed their dissatisfaction on how their voices actually 'take time' to be spread to the public, and how false news were being broadcast about the pandemic and the medical services of the nation. Also, we observed that the users have to go through many different sites to get information about various aspects the pandemic. We wanted to create a better solution for the people to get their hands on the relevant information from the trustworthy source. And that's how our team came up with an app idea that would 'make a difference'.

What it does...

It provides a platform for healthcare workers to share their insights and advises, and to ask for help. It not only makes it easier for the people to get all the information and assistance they need about COVID-19 in a single place, without having to filter through all the contents in the internet, but it also creates a much-needed sense of trust between the essential workers and general public.

How we built it...

We created this blog mainly using Django, Bootstrap, jQuery among various other tools. We also implemented APIs to make this a user friendly web app. We deployed it on Heroku server and used Microsoft azure blob storage to serve static and media files.

Challenges we ran into...

-Ensuring authenticity of posts

-Collaborating of back-end developers with front-end designers, and lack of proper communication because of the poor bandwidth.

-Handling the APIs, including Mailchimp API, Gmail API, and especially integrating twitter feed in the footer. they took a lot of time and effort to build.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to integrate a lot of interesting features including newsletter subscription, email verification and TinyMCE text editor for the posts, that enhance the user experience a lot. We didn't even expect to be able to do this in such little time, but we managed to pull it off regardless.

What we learned...

We learned that there is a need of platform where the essential workers themselves can talk about the ongoing issues of their fields. And that there is a need of sites which would provide all the services in one place without the user needing to go around different websites to find something which may not even be reliable.

So, what's next for COVID-19 Frontliners?

We plan to add a live chat feature in in the site, so that the general people could get direct advise from the health officials, and a dashboard, so that people could get all the information, trends and ins-and-outs about the pandemic in one place.

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