Inspiration -

** SMEs around the globe, have never been in more need for quick, affordable, and simple financing solutions, while COVID-19 financial support programs are slow, paper-based, and complex. We solved that gap, with FastLoan speed-up access to financial loans and guarantee for SME to any bank in the EU **

What it does -

** Connecting businesses and banks in the fastest way, using ERP plugin to use financial info from inside the business data to quickly apply for financing from banks and other lenders. Easy access to Loan and Guarantee requests for SME using front end connected directly to ERP systems, accounting systems, and CRM systems directly to banks' infrastructure via API and swift **

How we built it -

** We Integrated ERP plugins to a smart platform, connecting to SWIFT global network and APIsure API platform (or any other Open banking platform), providing secured authentication and compliance with EU regulation. Simply apply from within your existing ERP, CRM, or accounting business system ** ** Using state of the art technology using web services, node.js, cloud or Dockers platform that can run on any OS system. Using machine learning AI algorithm to identify risks integrated to SWIFT global networks and Surecomp APIsure API Trade finance platform or any open banking platform with secured authentication fully compliance with EU regulation. speed-up access to Financial loans and guarantee via SME ERP systems, WEB accounting systems ** ERP business-one SAP ERP oracle intuit Quickbooks

Challenges we ran into -

** How the have a fast loan and guarantee requests to financial banking infra system, how to manage risk and compliance, how to have connectivity to any bank, while provides secured easy simple access to SME **

** Speed-up and unlock access to financing, connected via API to banks, easy and accessible for SME in EU, Simplified application for loan and guarantee, Include AI module and fully secured with OAuth protocol **

Accomplishments that we're proud of -

** speedup access and an end to end flow connected via API to banks, easy and accessible to SME in EU, Simplified application for loan and guarantee, Include AI module and fully secured Ahoth 2.0 system **

What we learned -

** Simplicity is the key, no time for long development or integrations, we needed to come up with an end-to-end solution which fits any SME in EU **

What's next for COVID-19 fast financial support SME used by banks and gov -

** Extend our ERP coverage, release a live production version, bundle with existing trade finance as service solutions using Surecomp cloud service for Governments and banks in SME Trade and loans **

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