As Corona virus outbreak hitting the world badly I thought I should contribute something to fight against it but initially I was not aware how?

CEO of Inference solutions who built the first corona chatbot using Google Dialogflow NLP framework and which inspired me to extend this solution further by adding support for multiple languages.

(#InferenceFightBackCorona #CoronaFAQ)

What it does

As we all know that Information is Vital during these hard times. Getting authenticity of information is very essential to fight together against the Novel COVID-19 pandemic.

This corona FAQ bot provides text answers to questions related to COVID-19 with reference to World Health Organisation (WHO) website and also includes some useful video links with the answers to share the information in a better way.

Demo -


  • It can understand more than 100 languages
  • It uses advanced Natural language framework to understand the intent of the conversation
  • Currently supports WhatsApp and SMS channels
  • It gets smarter as we interact with the bot
  • Drag-drop interface to design the conversation flow and manage responses
  • Easy to deploy and manage

How I built it

Using Inference Studio platform combined with Dialogflow

Challenges I ran into

Extracting information from WHO and summarising the answers without impacting the context

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Firstly, I'm proud that I'm adding my little step to fight against the Novel Corona virus outbreak Added support for more than 100 languages using Google translate feature

What I learned

Ways to quickly deploy the chatbot framework in a short period

Try it out

  • Send "join grew-easy" to this WhatsApp Number - +1 (415) 523-8886 to get registered
  • Send Hi or Hallo to get started
  • You are ready! Ask any question related to COVID-19

Watch this video below for instructions

What's next for COVID-19 FAQ BOT

Adding more training data to enhance the knowledge of the bot Adding voice support to answer questions over the call

Built With

  • dialogflow
  • inferencestudioplatform
  • twilio
  • whatsapp
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