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The pandemic had affected the majority of our lives significantly and during this scenario, I am here with a project that uses and analyses Data from over 2000 CT scans and chest X-rays. During this pandemic, most of us have been isolated at homes, and a model that predicts whether a person is Covid positive/negative is a true help for anyone. I have developed this project taking inspiration on Data analysis and Model predictions and implemented those in the current scenario.

What it does

  • Detect Covid positive/Negative
  • Great Accuracy and Precision
  • Immediate Help through emergency contact
  • Awareness of Covid-19 -Preventive measures against Covid-19

How I built it

CoviDetector was created using the following open source projects:

*[HTML]- Front-End Outline *[CSS/Bootstrap/Javascript]-Front-End stylings

  • [Flask] - Python framework for back-end
  • [Keras/Tenserflow] - ML Model *[Jupyter Notebook]- Model training *[Matplotlib]- Model Visualisation

Challenges I ran into:

Dataset and model making was the hardest part and I found thousands of sources from the web and got the dataset and had made the model using them. The version mismatches and small bugs that made it difficult for the program to run was another challenge. Overall the hardest part was to develop the project and then implementing it on a Flask Application

Accomplishments that I am proud of:

I am proud that I was able to develop a web application that resolves and detects Covid-19 and that I was able to provide a small solution to the most dreadful disease of Covid-19. I am proud to say that I have developed CoviDetector which provides a solution for Covid 19 predictions and immediate assistance.

What I learned:

I was able to learn and explore the dataset and got to know more about various Deep Learning algorithms. I got real-world experience on how Datathons works and how I can contribute towards Covid-19 eradication. The project helped me to explore more into the world of Data and I got to know more about how I can assist and be a part of several innovative projects in the future as well!

What's next for CoviDetector

In the future, I can add the feature of disease detection for other diseases as well. Additionally, I can also add a feature to redirect the positive patient to the nearest hospital, thus providing immediate assistance. I can also increase the accuracy of the model and provide exact solutions to the Scanned images and make the model more efficient and effective.


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