_ Aim ✅: _

COVID has been really hard on everyone's life, many of them have lost their family members, relative, friends. Their loss is irreplaceable, seeing this situtaions me and my Team came up with an idea of making a detection web app which is easily accesible to everyone who needs some help regarding hopsitals, management of COVID +ve patients. We really hope to make some impact in these situations through our Website.

_ Objective 🎯: _

During these tough times, many people are unable to get in touch of the doctors and get the advice about their reposts whether the person is having covid+ or not. So at the moment when they or any of their close members are suffering from the same situation they are unable to make any spontaneous decision which results into dealy of actions and ultimately the person succumbs to the diseases.

Implementation 🆕:

Creating a Web based application which tells the people about whether the given xray image of the chest is having covid+ or not, We used a ML model and libraries like tensorflow and h5py. We can help people by telling them about the their reports in case the doctors are not available to advice and guide them about their given ct scan/ xray. The website is also very easy to use and will help the people in recognising the the patient's report.

The services currently available are: Detection of Covid19 from the Xray image

Tech Stack 📚:

JavaScript CSS Tensorflow

Future Scope 💡:

Integrating Google Maps to give user the option to get directions to the required location within the website to consult the doctor. This will help the user reach the hospital quickly and the patient can get the first help really fast after checking the Xray image.

Conclusion 😇:

We are trying to solve the problem that we as a patient have faced when we were tested COVID +ve which, we know the tough situations thrugh which our families went. This webapp aims to solve a few of them, there is still some room of improvement and we will be trying to enhance it.

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