inspiration - One day, my mom has sent me to buy groceries so I went to a shop which is 3 km away from my home.

As soon as I reached the shop I found a heavy crowd waiting in a queue and one of the security has informed me that I should come tomorrow because shops will be closed 1’ o clock during lock down as per government rules. And this gave me an idea to design an app which gives status of the crowd near a shop . While customers can easily monitor from home and when crowd count decrease they can go and buy the products. This gave a idea for this project.

How I built it -

Working : By clicking Get started(Home screen) Login page(if you are a new user click sign up) By clicking Login Web page By clicking CREW COUNT Tiny URL , where users can enter respective data or search for it. There are two cases: (1) if you are a shopkeeper Click CREW COUNT  STORE VALUE TAG store the shop name VALUE store the current crowd count manually And click STORE (2)if you are a customer click GETVALUE Enter the shop name and click get value By clicking  STORES LIST(list of stores) By clicking GUIDELINES LINES FOR COVID 19  Safety precautions The entire process is interfaced with Google fire base where real time data base has its back up.

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