Completely moved by the outbreak and would like to contribute my help to the people in this little possible way.

What it does

its an 3d interactive corona virus map and analysis of no of cases in real time.

How I built it

Original map shape files are from GADM, which are converted to TopoJSON files using mapshaper.

Challenges I ran into

getting the real time data with max accuracy and precision and analyzing it with iteractive graphs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

every detailing done on the is what makes me proud, which in turn helps people to understand better.

What I learned

many things i have to process the real time data is the key takeaway

What's next for COVID-19 corona map

would like to add many resources for people to get help with, would like to collaborate with govt facilities and deliver help to the affected people as fast as possible

Built With

  • gadm
  • mapshaper
  • topojson
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