This is the COVID-19 Contact Tracker. COVID-19 is an extremely dangerous and unique disease for a few reasons - but one of the largest ones is that even asymptomatic carriers can spread the virus. Over 12 million people worldwide have already been infected and numbers in the US are still climbing each day. Our app allows for people to connect (like through a social media app), but serves a much larger purpose. People can connect with their close friends that they have seen recently and notify them that they have tested positive. Even further, with a login system, our app allows for people to enter their location on a given day and see if anyone there has tested positive. This allows for people to be more sure of whether they need to get a test or not, especially considering that many Americans do not have healthcare and that these tests can be expensive for them. People can be more sure of when exactly they need to get a test and can get them sooner, thus preventing the virus’ spread one person at a time. In short, our app gets people to test faster with more assurance and control over where they’ve gone. In the home section are updates about COVID-19. Then, in the Contacts section is where you can add close contacts. Notifications shows you if you've been near anyone sick. Finally, the COVID Updates section lets you input your location to see if anyone got sick there. Our video software didn't work, which was another major last-minute setback, but we pulled through and got it to work. Although we couldn't connect to our database on FireBase, we had it set up, so that is one of our future plans. This would allow users to see if they came into contact with ANYONE who could've gotten the virus. In addition, we want o improve the looks and functionality in the future.

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