Hello Everyone, Marcus in lockdown in London. The UK government is currently attempting to control the virus through highly ineffective national directives when in reality different parts of the country are in different stages of the infection cycle and have very different risk profiles. The transition out of national lockdowns to a more effective approach that supports a sustainable recovery will require a strongly decentralised approach that builds local resilience involving empowering existing local multi-stakeholder entities to prepare, manage and recovery from risks by taking timely upstream contextually-appropriate actions. Unfortunately in a top-down command-control administrative culture, finding local councils and city authorities to self-initiate actions to strengthen local resilience is proving challenging, in part because we live in societies where everyone (particularly governments) are afraid of making mistakes. Yet social action / learning is at the heart of adaptive and resilient communities - the foundation of a resilient society. If anyone is from or knows local authorities/ municipality or local civil society networks who would be interesting in advancing bottom-up community-based action to complement and ground current top-down approaches please do reach out and let's see if we can build a network to support, encourage and collaborate together to build more people-centred local preventative measures## Inspiration

What's next for Covid 19 Community resilience - Empowering the Frontline

Building a regional / global network to encourage, support, co-create knowledge, undertake joint actions

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