An app to inform yourself and others on their health state

It is recommended that everyone stays home all day, but, sometimes you need to go out, maybe to buy grocerys, to get lunch, or simply for mental health sake. But how do you know which location is safe to go. Covit19checker does exactly that but it does much more. It predicts how risky a location is, predicts your current health state, and reduces spreading, all of it while keeping your privacy.


Predict the location's danger level

Based on the user input of where Covit19 patients were, and the meta data of the location, an AI predicts how safe or dangerous a location is, Supporting you to make better decision on where to go. For example a burger shop might have a higher infection rate than a burrito shop. In this case the app would recommend you to go to the burrito shop. Or maybe a family member of an infected person might have visited the burrito shop. In this case the app would recommend the burger shop.

Predicting your health score

In addition the app predicts how dangerous you are, as a carrier of the disease, so you can avoid infecting others with the disease. Based on the locations you've been (GPS Manual input), the app's AI will predict your state earlier than any doctor.

Reduce Spreading

The app comes with a discussion board associated with a location on the map. Once you are diagnoised positive, you can reflect on the location's you've visited. and give specific detail on where you were. Once your post is verified, the owner of the location will be followed by instructions from the app on how he should deal with the situation and take appropriate measures. The app will also notify all of the people who recently visited the location, and change their health state so that they could be precautious, and maybe even get a paid leave based on the app's health state.

Stay Private

Privacy has become an important topic in the last few years. In terms of the location the app will not track your gps record, but instead you drop pins to the locations you've been, or you currently are.

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