There has been a significant change in our lives in recent months with onset of change

What it does

Creating a sense of normalcy and continuity is ever more important for our active lives

How I built it

With a view of safety at the heart, providing products to continue life beyond COVID-19

Challenges I ran into

Identifying the key modules: mask and other product sales, advices that gather interest

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Including possibility to give advice to users, promote and donate to COVID-19 initiatives

What I learned

Teamwork is a valuable experience to share, connect, learn, grow across regions & skills

What's next for COVID-19 Chatbot using AI over 5G

Expanding the product, scaling, including internal payment options for variety and defining a business model to attract paid customers as a market place for users looking to purchase essentials (mask, hand sanitiser, test and restaurant bookings) as well as receive wide ranging health updates

Built With

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