The inspiration started from our simple wondering: why can’t every country have the same level of access to the data we need? Why is it so difficult to get our regional data of CoVID infection? We wanted to help people to know the exact information in their region and their loved ones so that they can feel safe and know what is going on. As the situation gets serious in Europe and the whole globe, the most important thing is to get the exact data.  That is why we came up with this idea of our application: CoVID 19 Dashboard.

Until now, we had a lot of inconvenience of accessing the data we needed. There were a lot of problems because of this. For example:

  1. Could not quickly get to the information you need
  2. Could not understand the infection rate for your community
  3. Could not check the curve and overall status. 
  4. Could not access the exact number of CoVID statistics by categories.
  5. Could not search the region that you wanted to check.
  6. Could not see both the world’s status and the regional status at the same time.

We thought we could fix these problems and make it better. We fixed most of the problems above and provided:

  1. Easy access to the COVID-19 statistics by country categories.
  2. Convenient User Interface
  3. The number of German cities’ active COVID-19 patients.
  4. The flow of the curve of new patients in German cities.
  5. Total confirmed, total active, and total death in the top 6 countries
  6. Users can search their region and get the information they need.

Our application can help people in various aspects. We believe that we can defeat COVID-19 by collaborating and staying healthy. We want to be part of the fight.

What it does?

  • Visualizing the COVID-19 data in as a Chart. Update every 24 hours
  • The chart informs people of the valuable trend of the COVID-19 situation better than only the latest updated value.
  • Collection of trustworthy data source in one place as a dashboard.
  • To help the German and other citizens, understand the trend of COVID-19 better. I started with the data in German cities as I am now studying in Stuttgart, Germany.
  • To help people understand the daily trend of COVID-19 what is going on in their own regions.

How I built it?

  • Node.js server helps to retrieve data from several trustworthy datasource.
  • HTML5 with Bootstrap framework.

Challenges I ran into?

  • I knew about this hackathon only half an hour before the deadline.

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