The inspiration for this project was to be able to get all the covid 19 information and tools in one place. We wanted to have a site that users could have a time capsule to look back on their predictions and have a different way of viewing their news.

What it does

Provides new information and an intrigue for people to see how others are living their lives during these hard times. Plus theres a web scraper that allows people to quickly glance at the news headlines and check out the images.

How we built it

The project is built with React and Redux for front end and Express for backend. We first planned out the design of the site using Figma and then worked on functionality quickly afterwards.

Challenges we ran into

Inspiration for a project was a hard part, we didn't really know what we should do it on. But mostly the design was the difficult part for us indecisive people

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We had overcome the problems of design and worked on the functionality of the project for about 12 hours straight, so for maintaining that focus was the biggest accomplishment

What we learned

I (Ben) furthered my skills with working with Redux and backend. and Together Ariel and I figured out how to use Figma to design the project.

What's next for Covid 19 Central

Next is to hopefully add some more functionality in the future and make some nice graphs out of the covid risk tracker information.

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