We all have been suffering from this epidemic for the last two years So by seeing the situation we have taken a initiative to help the community. Also google cloud has also given this opportunity to deploy this chatbot.

What it does

First of all the chat bot can show you the statistics based on country, Indian states , Indian Districts ,Google maps , world wide. This chatbot can send emails to their respective user email address. It can also sow live news regarding covid-19; It can also show govt announces ,videos and images. Related to covid-19.

How we built it

We have built the chat bot using Dialog-Flow , Mongo-DB ,Flask ,Rapid-API, Google Cloud App Engine ,Postman.

Challenges we ran into

We were planning to put into cloud foundry but changed our idea to google cloud. Installing google cloud SDK and then configuring and using it was really hard, hence we followed the documentations and finally made it till here.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud we built a bot which can help people in this time of pandemic . It will show the users the information and statically formed data and updated information ,not only of India, but worldwide.

What we learned

We learned how as a team, we can make complicated projects super easy. Collaboration is the best thing. We learned intents and knowledge base in Dialogflow. We also learned integrating MongoDB in flask. We also learned to use postman API in the best way to check.

What's next for Covid-19 bot

So the next big thing for the bot is to integrate in telegram WhatsApp and discord so that it could be more easily accessible to people. And they can make the full use of it.

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