With the recent escalation of COVID-19 cases, it had become apparent that people aren't fully educated on the number of cases in their area. This extension is to help people put into perspective how serious the cases are. Plus, it also helps users understand which areas or locations have potential risks.

What it does

It indicates which locations have been hit with COVID-19 and provide links on where the information was sourced from. Plus, it also reminds users what are the current COVID-19 protocols or restrictions. It does so by having labels, and hover overlays.

How we built it

We built it by referencing a lot of online tutorials since most of us have never touched Google Extensions. In terms of tools, we used Github to build the HTML/CSS google extension and we also used Figma for prototyping.

Challenges we faced

Specifically, we had trouble manipulating the Google search page due to their naming scheme <div>. However, we overcame that by implementing successfully on Chromium Browsers.


We now have learned what a Google Chrome extension can do and we also learned a lot about working with Javascript (since this entire project is outside our coding knowledge).

What is next

We would like to optimize the front-end and implement a sorting/searching program that can find out the publicly-released COVID articles that are related to the specific location.

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