During the COVID-19 crisis, we know there is a lot of shortage of items in our household and in our community as well. Furthermore, all grocery shops are closed. Shopping marts are out of stock. But, In our community, some neighbors may have excess food or items that we might need or neighbors have too much to spare. So, why not share

What it does

It provides the platform for the people to share the extra items with each other. The software allows the user to either request for help and to provide help to others.

How I built it

It is built using the functionality of Mapbox. Since we are quite familiar with google maps so I embedded the maps and the user can directly see where they are and where the nearest person who will be helping us is. Similarly, I used google maps to find the places where the user wants to drop off the items.

Similarly, I created the CMS to manage all the requests in order to filter out suspicious requests.

Challenges I ran into

The hard part was integrating my location to the Mapbox and geocoding the address using the google map API Keys.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to add the person's location to the system. and hope that this system will enable people in the community to help each other.

What I learned

Coding is fun and with limited time, you have to choose what to put into the system and where your efforts should go into. It helps to focus on only one matter during the hackathon in which you want really contribute out of all the ideas.

What's next for CoVi Helper

  1. Adding other APIs such as hospital status to show if the nearest hospital is overcrowded or not.
  2. Adding the status that shows the local grocery shop's status.
  3. Show nearest diagnostic center/booth along with taxi/uber service to ride up to center
  4. hospital to hospital relation?? a. COVID Treatment - available/not?? b. Status of ventilator and beds??
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