With an aim to reduce panic and rumors about the affected cases, I am developing CoVi (Corona Virus) Data Tracking application.

What it does

CoVi Data Tracking application provides

  1. Real-time dashboard for All Countries.
  2. Information about Corona (nCovid19) virus.
  3. Corona Awareness4. Prevention Steps
  4. Notify you with the latest news and information about Corona (nCovid19) Virus.

How I built it

I have used a few Public API to fetch data, and I have organized in such a way that it will be shown user in an Optimized and nice manner.

Challenges I ran into

find accurate data Open API

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Many peoples installed and they give me feedback, that they all are liked applications.

What I learned

I have learned to build self-confidence that I have made an app in 2 days. :)

What's next for CoVi Data Tracker

  1. Predefined Quiz to help the user to know their chances of coronavirus infections.
  2. Details District wiseStats of Indian states. and other county's dashboard will implement based on user locations.

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