Two members of the team have been sick and contagious these days. One issue they faced is the lack of ressources as you cannot go outside to get medicine or food.

We see some area organizing around piece of paper and we have the feeling that a digital solution will help many people.

What it does

Covhelp is an application that creates relations between neighbors. They will be able to chat and organize some help for immunocompromised, sick or old people to provide them prescription, food, wifi etc.

How I built it

Covhelp is a mobile application as well as a web application. We built it with React Native (Javascript language) as you can have iOS, android and web at once.

For the backend we choose firebase as there is a big free-tiers.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge is to fit people needs, make an application easy to use and pick relevant services (groceries, pharmacy, dog walking, wifi etc).

A technical challenge is to make the app looks great on many different screen.

The last challenge is the submission to the apple store and google play as they don't accept content related to Covid19. It is still in progress

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud to have built an application which has a very nice UX/UI in such a short time.

What I learned

We learn to quickly iterate and prepare communication

What's next for Covhelp

We plan to include population who have a huge need of help and who are also at the same time not very connected to new technologies.

Our plan is to give them the possibility to publish a new post for help only by calling our numero (bot center) with their phone.

our agency

Built With

  • cloud-functions
  • firestore
  • react-native
  • react-native-web
  • serverless
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